We are not only responsible for making the IT run smoothly. We are your virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) in a box. We will offer strategic IT planning that will make sense for the company.


We can source your technology hardware at competitive rates. Allows us to pick the correct machines with the appropriate licenses. We have access to workstations, servers, monitors, printers and all peripherals

Vendor Management

Are you sick and tired of waiting on the phone, trying to work with the telecom companies on your bill, services or technical support? 45 minutes and 12 unread e-mails from your boss later you finally get through to someone on the phone but now you can’t even understand what they’re saying with all of their technological mumbo jumbo. Well, let us deal with them, we speak the same language and got all the time! We will efficiently manage the transactions for you to achieve so you can get back to what is important.

Email and Office365 management

Email is paramount in business. We will manage your organizations Microsoft Office 365. Have peace of mind that your email, business applications and other Microsoft services are being monitored and managed by a team of professionals.

Printing, scanning and faxing

Let us handle your printing, scanning, and faxing. We can offer you a web based fax so you can ditch the old landline!

Antivirus and Patch Management

Our tools will monitor your system 24/7 reporting when antivirus detecting something suspicious. We also are constantly monitoring and auto-installing security patches that will protect your users from harm.

Network Security and monitoring

It is crucial to have a business grade firewall at the forefront of your network. Cybersecurity is no joke, Hackers are targeting anyone and anything they can get into online. Keep your business safe with a next generation firewall. This will give you all the protection you need to defend your network from unwanted visitors.

Online Backup and Disaster recovery

We recommend all of our clients to let us help them plan for Disaster recovery. Most companies do not even have a backup of their own data. This critical business data can be wiped away in an instant. Do not become a victim of cybersecurity threats or natural disasters. Keep your data safe and easily accessible with our best defense in recovery, Datto@